1. Introduction

OmniDB is an open source browser-based app designed to access and manage many different Database Management systems, e.g. PostgreSQL, Oracle and MySQL. OmniDB can run either as an App or via Browser, combining the flexibility needed for various access paths with a design that puts security first.

Since early development, OmniDB was designed as an browser-based app. Consequently, it runs in most browsers, from any operational system. It can be accessed by several computers and multiple users, each one of them with his/her own group of connections. It also can be hosted in any operational system, without the need of install any dependencies. We will see further details on installation in the next chapters.

OmniDB’s main objective is to offer an unified workspace with all functionalities needed to manipulate different DMBS. DBMS specific tools aren’t required: in OmniDB, the context switch between different DBMS is done with a simple connection switch, without leaving the same page. The end-user’s sensation is that there is no difference when he/she manipulates different DBMS, it just feels like different connections.

Despite this, OmniDB is built with simplicity in mind, designed to be a fast and lightweight browser-based application.